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The service is free now and we plan to keep it free in the future, but please consider making a donation. Your files will be stored without any fees, but we kindly ask not to upload documents bigger than 10MB. Our vision is to store files indefinitely!
There is a little instruction below, but you may also read this article "How to save a file as QR code?" if interested to know how the service works.

How it works?

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Upload your file here with the form above. No registration required.

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Get a QR code. Don't lose it, it's your password now!

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Scan your code with any device and it will automatically download the file.

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Easily share contents with large audience – presentations, menues and many more.

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File Transfer

Send files without adding recipient contact details across all devices.

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Now you can add files into QR beacons – PDF menu or showpiece photo.

Do you need to share a file with large audience? Or with a person but you don't want to exchange contacts? No registration and completely secure! Your code is the unique password to your file which can be shared across any devices. Convert PDF, PNG and other files into QR codes.

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