How can you save files in a QR code?

We normally use QR code to encode small pieces of information — think of a link or a single sentence. How can we put a large file into a single pattern of black-and-white squares?
The uploaded PDF or PNG may be quite big, but the encoded QR code is always small.

For you the app is so simple — you upload the file and get a QR code so anyone can now access the file by simply scanning the code. You may even print the code and give it to your customers or stick it on the wall or do many other useful things which you couldn’t do with the original file.

But you can’t achieve this simplicity unless using some really clever tricks. This is exactly what we do at “QR Agency”.

So what happens when you upload a file?
Firstly we send the file directly to our storage with “Amazon”.
Amazon S3 “Amazon” provides the most reliable and safe file storage on the Internet, so we don’t have to keep the files on our servers.
This ensures that your file is accessible forever and regardless of any local disruptions.

Then we encode your document using some advanced cryptography to make sure that nobody can by mistake or malice access something which they are not supposed to see.

The key is then sent back to us from "Amazon".
We pair the private key with your file name and encode them both into a QR code.
Voilá — your original file is now accessible using the key and file name so anyone who has the QR code can download it simply by scanning the code.

QR codes are keys

Some people may say that the service is too simple.
But our firm believe is that converting files to QR code should be as simple as it sounds — one click, free and no ads.

We would still appreciate your donations as there are some costs associated with hosting, domains etc. Please consider donating us 1$ or more here.